Siobhan Donofrio

I am a sports nutrition consultant and educator in the Boston, MA area. I believe real food is the best way to fuel athletes for workouts and competition. I counsel individuals and teams based on scientific research, not myths and fads. Nutrition is not a one size fits all endeavor. Each athlete’s needs are different based on many factors including age, sport, position, intensity of workouts, level of competition, body composition goals, and overall health. Proper nutrition isn’t just about restricting certain foods. I work with each athlete to provide realistic, attainable eating plans that acknowledge food preferences, incorporate favorite foods, address dietary health needs, and offer creative alternatives to unhealthy diet choices.

Be Body Positive

In response to requests to address body image issues in athletes, I became a licensed facilitator of The Body Positive program. I help athletes move beyond their unique body image stumbling blocks to enhance their overall health and relationship with their bodies. This frees up mental space and energy to focus on their athletic and life goals.

More About Siobhan

I have a M.S. in Applied Nutrition with a concentration in Nutrition and Fitness from Northeastern University. I received my B.A. from Yale University, where I was a member of the Yale Women’s Varsity Swim Team. After working in corporate settings for many years, I decided to stay home with my three children. As my children got older, I embarked on this career change that combines my passion for health, wellness, nutrition, and sports. When working with high school and college athletes, I draw on my experience both as a Yale student and athlete. I work with them to incorporate their unique needs, constraints, and demands as both students and athletes.

In addition, I am heading back to the classroom in September 2019 to pursue a PhD in Health Professions Education at Simmons University in Boston, MA.

Next Steps…

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